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Services Provided

Individual therapy sessions for children, adolescents, and adults

Small group therapy

Family Art Therapy

Grief and bereavement counseling

Workshops and Talks

for continuing education 

Art Therapy for Children

Reduces stress and anxiety

Increases the attention span

Encourages social skill development Improves fine motor coordination Promotes problem-solving

Improves self-esteem and builds confidence

Increases self-regulation

Aides in academic success


Art Therapy is also a mindful activity that children and adolescents will enjoy

"My daughter's IEP Team noticed a change in her behavior. She was calmer and was transitioning easier between activities. It was the first time I'd received a phone call like that. I attribute it to the Art Therapy she's been receiving."

Cost and Terms

Art Therapy sessions are 75-minutes long. The cost of sessions is $125/hour and are not covered by insurance at this time.


Payment is due at time of appointment.

A full 24-hours notice must be given if there will be a cancellation.


Payment is due in full if a session is canceled within 24-hours time. Exceptions will be made in cases of extenuating circumstances. 


Art Therapy sessions are kept completely confidential. This includes all of the artwork made during the sessions. Artwork can remain in the art studio, however is ultimately owned by the client. Art made by children belongs to the child, and the child will decide whether or not to take the artwork home or leave it at the studio. Artwork left at the studio will be stored at the studio for one year’s time and will then become the property of Just Make Art Studio.  

Art Therapy for Adults

Helps to manage anxiety and depression Treats Trauma and PTSD

Aides in Relationship difficulties

Improves negative thinking

Communicate emotions non-verbally Changes perspective and outlook on life Improves memory and cognitive functioning

Aides in early Dementia care

"Every time I arrive at the studio, I feel stressed but when I leave I feel better. I never considered myself an artist but I've discovered that I enjoy making art and I always feel good when I see what I was able to accomplish."

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